Our company and its staff are experts in the following services:
• accounting
• tax advice
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Ing. Erika Nosianová
- director and company founder
- responsible for the professional aspect of providing services
- liaising with business partners
- specializing in accounting, tax, payroll and human resources
- contact with health and social insurance offices and the tax authorities in the client’s jurisdiction

> studied economics and public administration at Šurany Grammar School (1984-88)
> studied service and tourism sector economics at University of Economics, Banská Bystrica (1988-92)
> employed after graduating from university at the Šurany Tax Office (1992-94)
> joined the Nové Zamky branch of Slovenská sporiteľňa, a.s. (Slovak Savings Bank) after maternity leave (1994-95),
   working in 1995-2002 as consultant, auditor, assistant director for finance and deputy director of the bank
> manager of the Šurany branch of Slovenská sporiteľňa (2002-06)
> self-employed under the business name of Ing. Erika Nosianová - EN-Servis since April 1, 2007
> founded Ing. Erika Nosianová s.r.o. as a limited liability company in May 2010