Our company and its staff are experts in the following services:
• accounting
• tax advice
Our staff
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Ing. Erika Nosianová
- director and company
- responsible for the professional
aspect of providing
services ...
Ing. Dominika Bačová
- payroll and human resources
- double entry accounting
- graduated SUA in Nitra....                                             
Ing. Erika Nosianová s.r.o. was incorporated in the Nitra District Court Business Register on June 1, 2010. However, our business dates back earlier to April 1, 2007, when services started to be provided as a proprietorship under the letterhead of Ing. Erika Nosianová - EN - Servis. When our customer base expanded, the business’s legal form was changed.

Services we provide:
- single entry accounting
- double entry accounting
- payroll and human resources
- tax advice
- preparing and filing personal and corporate tax returns
- administrative services
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